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When you hire us, we will take care of your event, from start to finish, from vision to execution. We can handle as much or as little of the process, filling in the blanks or writing the whole script.

Project management

Creating an impeccable event requires a deep understanding of all aspects of event production, meticulous planning, a strong sense of both the clients and participants needs, and a broad experience of a variety of events, worldwide. 

Technical Direction

Every event is different, as is every venue. To create the most impact, a solid knowledge of technical solutions and how to optimally apply them is needed. Also it is necessary to have a network of local equipment vendors so no problem is left unsolved.

Audiovisual Alchemy

Speakers deliver the content, we deliver the experience. By creating a seamless and engaging audiovisual journey that supports the content, we affect and impact the audience on the deepest level. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack or a cartoon without colours and you’ll get what we mean.


Our clients are generally very happy with the work that we do. Click on the logo for some info and pictures.

Origin story

Weiss Events was founded in 2018, but the origin of it takes us back all the way to 2002, when it’s founder Christoffer Weiss was a newly graduated actor from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland.

He felt, after knowing for his whole life that he would be an actor for the rest of his career, that there is more to life than just theatre and acting. So he went on a journey that has now spanned 6 continents, 40 countries, over 100 cities and hundreds of events.

What enables Christoffer to do what he does, is due to his vast experience in these industries:

  • Performing - Theatre, movies, TV, Voice overs, commercials, radio etc.
  • Presenting - Keynote speaking, MC:ing, coaching and training
  • Producing - Seminars, conferences, concerts, festivals, music and videos

Christoffer has participated in, volunteered at and worked on hundreds of events, and being at an event is kinda like going to church for him, the place where he feels most at home, on or off stage.

Read more about Christoffer:
Or find him on social media @TheChristofferWeiss


  • When you hire Christoffer, you WILL succeed.

    Kevin Harrington
    Original Shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank and the inventor of the informercial
  • Christoffer has taken care of the customer-facing audio/visual production of a number of our events. Our events are long and our A/V requirements are complex. Christoffer combines our scheduled syntax with a creative flare that adds a great deal of value to our live events. We have a very short list of approved artists for this position and we are happy to have Christoffer on that list.

    Eric Edmeades
    Founder of WildFit, Business Consultant and Angel Investor
  • To have Christoffer direct your show is like riding the train, it has one definite destination, success! My clients have always been very satisfied with his work. Partly because he has the skills to create a dynamic and interesting show, for any kind of speaker, but mostly because he is just a really cool guy that is easy to work with…

    Vijay Maru
    Event Manager - Next Step, A-Factor and H-Factor with Joseph McClendon III
  • Christoffer envisions, designs and creates presentations in such an interesting and inspiring way that he well deserves the title audio-visual alchemist. Whether the show is planned or improvised, he can deliver a fantastic experience, both for the participants and for me as the speaker. We have presented at hundreds of events, all around the world, and the seamless collaboration we enjoy is unique — intuitive.

    I have still not met anyone else in my +25 years as a public speaker who comes close to what he can do with his audio-visual skills. Christoffer is quite simply… “The Best EVER!”

    David Avocado Wolfe
    Author, nutritionist, public speaker, adventurer.
  • Christoffer is the best!

    Kane Minkus
    Profit speaker, multi-billion dollar serial entrepreneur - Industry Rockstar
  • Christoffer has been a part of our Longevity Now Conference family for several years and working with him is such a delight. Even though he is mainly responsible for creating David Wolfe’s presentations (which he does with stellar acuity and precision) he always gives his ultimate with relentless determination for our other speakers, and the whole event, as well. Having him on board calms my mind, because I am certain that he can handle anything we throw at him. I’d love to hire him all the time…

    Angela Hartman
    Producer - The Longevity Now Conference
  • We can’t think of organizing events anymore without having Christoffer on board to make sure everything flows like a beautiful composition. Highly recommended if you want to leave a lasting impression.

    Teemu Arina
    Curator of the Biohacker Summit
  • If you desire to be lovingly bombarded with awesomeness, technical savvy and creativity, with a dedicated awareness behind it all, Christoffer is your man!! He’s a lot of fun to be around, and quite into creating robust presentations. Production and direction means to him, going all out to ensure a fantastic show!

    Chireya Fox
    Founder - Pure Living Expo and Raw Living Expo; Producer - One Love Experience
  • Christoffer is a solid addition to any team, he brings with him vast knowledge, understanding and experience of events. As a producer/promoter, I can take a sigh of relief when I hire Christoffer, because I can trust that the audiovisuals are top notch, the very best they can be.

    Thomas Rex Fredrikssen
    Producer - Elevate 2013-2014
  • We have worked with Christoffer on several occasions and he always raises the quality of the whole event with his insight, intuition and unparalleled professionalism. He knows exactly what he is doing and is generally a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

    Petter-Erik Nyvoll
    Producer - Nordic Personal Development Congress & Business Freedom Experience with Eric Edmeades

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